Community Supported Agriculture

A CSA is a mutually beneficial relationship in which a farm supports the community's needs for fresh, nutritious, wholesome food, and community support allows a farmer to devote her energies to respectful, conscientious and sustainable farming practices.


A CSA consists of a community of individuals/families/friends who pledge support to a farming operation where the growers and consumers share the risks and benefits of food production.

Members of the CSA become partners with the farmers by purchasing a share of the crop at the start of the season and then receive a weekly Harvest Box over 16 weeks in the summer and into the Fall depending on the weather.



Shares are $400 based on a 16 week harvest ($25/week).  The full cost will be due at the beginning of the season.  Additions of seasonal cut flower bunches can be added for $10 per week.  The option to add cut flowers can be added weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed for special events with sufficient notice prior to CSA pick-up.  Custom bouquets will also be available upon request.


Work Share

This season we will be offering 5 work share CSAs.  Members of the work share will contribute 4 hours of work per week in exchange for a weekly CSA box.  The commitment to work will be the 16 weeks that the CSA is running.  We are currently looking for work share member with availability on weekday mornings.



The CSA will start in mid-June and run 16 weeks until the end of September with the possibility of some smaller harvests in the pre-season and extension of the regular box through October (extension into October will run on a week to week basis).  Cut flowers will be available from June to October.



CSA shares can be picked up from the farm directly or will be delivered to different drop points in the Fort Langley and East Vancouver areas.


Box Contents

The weekly box will contain a selection of the many varieties of vegetables and herbs we are growing at the farm.  This box will vary with the time of year, allowing you to eat seasonally.  A box worth of vegetables should be enough for two adults for a week, depending on your eating habits.


Connection with the farm

Members are always welcome to visit the farm to see how things are going or to lend a helping hand (but check to make sure a farmer will be there first).  We will be holding an open house in early July and hope to plan a harvest celebration party in September.


How to subscribe

Members in Langley please contact Brenda for availability. 

By Phone:

Brenda Crockett 604-856-1479

By email:


Members in Vancouver please contact Carissa.

By Phone:

Carissa Murphy 604-323-3131

By email:


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